On 20th November pupils of primary schools of Slovenia ate a special breakfast. We ate a traditional Slovenian breakfast. The breakfast contained bread, butter, honey and an apple.

The aim of the project Traditional Slovenian breakfast is to inspire children for eating home-grown food that is also much healthier than the food from faraway places. Its aim is also supporting Slovenian farmers and beekeepers,  learning children about the meaning of outdoor activities and maintenance of the environment.

The project started on 18th November 2011 and has been repeated every year since. The project is always in the end of the third week of November.

The activities of that project are different from school to school. In our school we eat the breakfast before classes and after them we have a traditional Slovenian lunch.

I like the project Traditional Slovenian breakfast because the food is always  very fresh and good. I think that the aim is really nice, because it is true that Slovenian food self-supply is too low.

Klara Kolar, 9. a


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