A Story-Telling Festival

In December 2018, we had A Story-Telling Festival. It means that four students and me, the teacher, were telling 5 different Tales from Old Ireland. Each one of us told her/his story 6 times. Alltogether we told the stories 30 times. We narrated in the 7th, 8th and 9th class.

The titles of the stories were: The Children of Lir, Fair, Brown and Trembling, The Twelve Wild Geese, Lushmore and the Fairies and The Soul Cages.

Here are some of the comments of the students who listened to the tales:


It was nice of 9 graders to take time to learn the stories. And the lesson was shorter. But this is not the main reason.

Tom, 7.b

I think the stories were very good for us because they explained them well.

Bruno, 7.b

I liked the stories very much.

Luka P., 7.b

All of the stories were great and the students who told them were also great.

Janez, 7.b

I really liked how the students came to our class to tell the stories because I learnt a lot of new words. I will maybe read one of the stories.

Grega, 7.b

The stories were interesting but some were boring. Students who told us the stories were understandable.

Tian K.T., 7.b

Listening to the stories was funny. The students were well prepared.

Žan, 7.b

It was good and worth the time. The stories were all Irish and interesting. It was something new to discover, good for learning new words.

Lina, 7.b

I didn’t enjoy it.

Luc, 7.b

The story of the fairies was very good. I learnt a lot of new words.

Job, 9.b

This festival was interesting to me and I would do it again.

Adna, 9.b


I also want to introduce the comments of the story tellers:

I liked the idea of it. It’s a great thing for learning new words. And I think that it was good though I don’t like telling the story in front of other people, because I am not comfortable with that.

Eva M., 9.b

Telling the stories was fun. It was a new experience and I learnt much from it.

Ana, 9.b

I believe that the presenting part of it, when we told the stories to other students, helped me. I noticed I could speak more fluently and was more brave with each performance. Even if I sometimes thought that it was stupid to tell the story multiple times, I knew it wouldn’t harm me.

Erazem J., 9.b

This Story-Telling Festival was a fullfilment of my dream. And the reality is so much better than any dream, just because it is real. I am glad that the students learnt and told the stories. I am glad that I told my tale, too. I am grateful to all my collegues for the support and understanding and also to our headmistress.

On the 7th of February, at 6 p.m., we will present all the 5 stories at once. The school choir, conducted by Helena Grbac, will add two old Irish folk songs to make the event more diverse. The performance will take place in our school hall or library. Welcome!

the text prepared by Alenka G. Nikšič

the photo of 5 narrators taken by Joži Krvina

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