The great Taj Mahal is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, but that’s starting to change. Taj Mahal is today shadowed by all of the selfie sticks and people with their phones trying to take a photo.   Unhashtag your holiday was started to stop people from taking photos of everything and then posting them on Instagram and other social media sites. The photos are taken in a way to seem like there is nothing stopping you from visiting, but that is not true. Many people think that for example The Grand Canyon is free to visit anytime you want, but you are not going to see anything over the hundreds of people instagramming.

We hashtag for many reasons one, for example is that you can prep and pack by just looking at peoples hashtags. You can know if you need to take an umbrella or be ready for a big crowd at the attraction. It’s also a memory book for if you ever need to take a look back at that time you were at The Mona Lisa or when you went to Disneyland. And on top of all of that it boosts local economy by letting other people know about the incredible places.

I personally don’t have an Instagram account but I have to say i agree with the unhashtaggers. While yes, hashtagging does have it’s benefits it also has it’s downfalls. The attractions are most of them time ruined by people trying to get that ˝superduper cool photo˝.

Janez Sukič, 7.B

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