Health is above Wealth

I think you need a lot of exercise: every day from 30min to 60min. I think you need to eat different kinds of food. And you shouldn’t eat junk food since it’s bad for you. You shouldn’t eat candy or chocolate. You should get a lot of sleep. You should drink only water and not soda because it has got a lot of sugar. You should go outdoor a lot and play with friends. You should be happy all the time.

Jurij Novak, 9.a

Health is one of the most important things in life for me. If you are not healthy you can’t do other things like go to job and because of that you can’t earn money. You can’t have active hobbies like football, basketball or skiing. Health is the thing that some people want more than anything. You are healthy if you eat great food with high nutricion value.

Lovro Zamejc, 9.a

Fruits and vegetables are healthy. We need to eat healthy food. We need to do sports as well. We can eat once or twice a week sweets and junk food. I think that I have a very healthy life. We have to drink enough water or tea. We mustn’t watch tv or play games on computer every day or whole day. We need to breath fresh air. We need to have a long sleep.

Lara Č., 9.a


I think healthy food is very important for us. You must eat enough fruit and vegetables. Sport is also important and exercise. In the evening I go to bed at sensible time, because I think that sleep is also important to healthy life. If you want to eat healthy you shouldn’t eat too much sweets and fast food. When I am thirsty I usually drink water. I like fruits and vegetables and I eat it three times a week. I eat very quickly. I usually eat white bread but sometimes I eat wholemeal bread. When I am nervous I listen to music. I can do 15 press-ups. I regularly practise sport.

Eva Albreht, 9.a

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