Skoči na glavno vsebino

Bled, the paradise of Slovenia

Bled is an old and very well known holiday resort in Slovenia. There are a lot of things to see and do. OF course the most popular thing there is the lake. The lake is used for many things. In the summer you can swim in the lake and in winter the water freezes and you can skate! In the middle of the lake there is an island. You can come to the island by a boat called plenta. On the island there is a wishing bell, that you ring and your wish might come true. But bled isn’t famous only because of its lake. There you can also visit an old castle, above the city. In the castle there is an interesting museum. Bled surrounded by mountains, so you can go hiking and get a beautiful view of Bled. In Bled you can also play golf, tennis, go shopping watch movies in the cinema, dance to live music and much more. Bled is definitely worth a visit!

I was at Bled a lot of times, since my grandma lives close to it. I like it there, because there is so many things to do.  But I am usually there during summer, so I swim in the lake and eat ice cream.

Another place I would point out in Slovenia is Piran. I really like it, because it lies by the sea and it is really warm there during summer. There is also a lot of interesting things to see for anyone. And of course you can swim in the sea.

Hana, 8.b

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