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The comparison: Črtomir and Bogomila legend and the song Time (NF)

It was the time of the Dark Ages. The Duchy of Carinthia, the first Slovenian state lost it independance. Duke –gorazd accepted the union with the Bavarians in 745. Bavarians brought Christianity. The Bishops of Salzburg sent monks from Ireland and Scotland. The monks were teachers of religion who wanted to turn Slovenians Christian. Črtomir came to the island church on Lake Bled to pray to the pagan goddes Živa, there he met Bogomila, and they fell in love. At the time their pagan religion was already dying and the new religion Christianity was taking over. Črtomir was on a quest to keep Christianity out of Slovenian lands. Črtomir united  Slovenians in the battle against the Franks and Bavarians. His army defended the pagan religion. In the year 772 Črtomir led his army against huge Bavarians armies at Lursko polje near Spittal. Črtomir fought against Valjhun who led the christian army. The defenders of the pagan religion fought bravely but Valjhun and his army outnumbered them, and so in the end they slaughtered Črtomir’s army and he was the only survivor. Črtomir escaped and hid himself in a safe place. A fisherman helped him by taking him to a dark corner of Lake Bohinj. Črtomir sent the fisherman to get a hidden treasure and his Bogomila. He wanted to marry her. The next morning Črtomir and Bogomila met at the Savica Fall, but Bogomila didn’t come alone, she had a Christian priest who came with her.  During the war Bogomila broke down and made a vow to God that if Črtomir survives and returns safe from the battle she won’t marry him. Črtomir was heartbroken . But Bogomila had the last wish before they went their own ways, it was to see Črtomir getting baptised. Črtomir accepted her wish, he believed that they would meet in heaven and live happily there. Črtomir went and became a priest and spread Christianity among the Slovenians.

The song Time (NF) to me talks about a person who is not the best but keeps trying his hardest, so he needs some time to change, the song is also about how our loved ones can change us.

Črtomir and Bogomila legend talks about two people from the pagan religion who meet eachother and fall in love. Then Črtomir goes to war against Chirstianity in Slovenia. And at the end he can’t marry Bogomila because she became a christian during the war and vowed to god that she wouldn’t if he came back safe. Črtomir grants Bogomila’s last wish to get baptised and then they part ways. Time (NF) is more about the person in one part of his life about how he is a difficult person, trying his hardest to change. So some of the larger diffrences are that first the Črtomir and Bogomila legend talks about Črtomir’s life from batteling Christianity but then becoming a part of it, so he changed at the end. Time (NF) is about a person wanting to change but it is still difficult for him.

I don’t think I need to change much, just that I should be doing things on time, because that is a problem for me.


Grega Krašna, 8.b (prispevek ni lektoriran)



Črtomit and Bogomila legend

It was the Dark Ages. The first Slovenian state, the Duchy of Carinthia, was no longer independent. We had to accept the union with Bavarians. And with Bavarians came Christianity. To Slovenian lands bishop of Salzburg sent travelling Irish and Schottish teaching monks. With teaching they wanted to tum Slovenians into Christians. One day Črtomir went on the island church on Lake Bled. There he met Bogomila and they fell in love. Both of them were pagan. But pagan relligion was dying. Črtomir decided to go to a war against Bavarians and Franks. In 772 Črtomir and Valhjun, who was the leader of the Christian army, met in this battle. In the end Valjhun slaughterd Črtomir’s army, because they were outnumbered. The Črtomir was the only one who survived the battle. He escaped and hid in a dark comer of Lake Bohinj. Črtomir sent fisherman to get his beloved Bogomila. He wanted to marry her. The next morning at the Savica Fall Črtomir and Bogomila met. But she came with Christian priest. Bogomila said that she could not marry him because she became a Christian. Črtomir was heartbroken. Bogomila  asked him to do her fast last favour. Her favour was that he get baptised in front of her. Črtomir accept the new religion, because he loved her. After baptism they parted and never saw each other again. Christianity wins against paganism.


I was listening to a song Time by NF and I really like it. This song is talking about people that love can change them. It is talking about this too that we can’t change in one day, but we need time.


So song Time is talking about people that love changes them. In Črtomir and Bogomila legend it said that Črtomir changed his religion, because he really loved her, even if he didn’t like that religion. France Prešeren wrote Baptism at Savica Fall.


I don’t wanna change me, because I like myself like I am. Maybe I can be more patient and listen to other people. Of course I need time to change. Everyone needs time to change. Črtomir didn’t change from pagan to christian fast, because he was a leader of pagan army against Christians. At the end he changed in Christian because that was a favor to Bogomila. He was in love with Bogomila.


The song Time and Črtomir and Bogomila legend are both talking about how love changes people. Bogomila influenced Črtomir with her love. Main characther in the song Time is different from Črtomir in this that he talks about his life and that he has to change himself like a person, because of love. But Črtomir changed his religion, because of love. Main change that happens to Črtomir was he changed his religion


Luka Požek, 8.a (prispevek ni lektoriran)

(Skupno 325 obiskov, današnjih obiskov 1)

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