Pri šestošolcih pri angleščini predstavljamo vsakdan v času učenja od doma



  • morning routine
  • online school
  • online music school
  • our animals
  • my friends


Mom, dad and me ussualy wake up at 7 o` clock. We eat breakfast. Then I go to the bathroom. I brush my teeth, wash my face, change and comb my hair. After I leave the bathroom my parents go there to repeat same routine. I ussualy wear a tracksuit. My mom ussualy wears a tracksuit too. And my dad ussualy wears a T- shirt and some pants. I go to the computer and do my online school -work. My mom does her job. She is a professor at Music Academy. She does her work online too. My father goes to music school ussualy at v1 pm and teches childreen to play accordion. In the afternoon I have my online music school. I practice violin every day.After I do my online school I  walk my dog Bolt. When I come back home I help my mom with home work. We prepair lunch. My dad comes home at 7 o` clock. We watch movie together. After a movie we have dinner and then I go to the bathroom . I shower and wash my teeth. After I leave the bathroom my parents do the same evening routine.


  1. to comb- počesati se
  2. online- spletna
  3. routine- rutina


  1. Do I practice violine every day ?
  2. What is the name of my dog ?
  3. What does my father teach in music school ?



Ava Mesec, 6.a

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