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Walking is great. It’s not an invention. It is what we can do if we are healthy. It is natural to us. Why would we go by car if we can walk? Walking is kind to nature and it is kind to us.

Alenka G. Nikšič

My experience with walking is good. I walk almost every day about 2 km. I think walking is good.

If you don’t really like to start running or doing workout you can enjoy at walking. And if you are bored you can go for a walk, too. Walking can help you and this is really good. Some people go for a walk to forget bad feelings or to enjoy the sky.

I think not walking is not good for you. You need to go out a little bit.

I would encourage all Slovenian teenagers to start walking and not to be lazy. It would change their lives and they wouldn’t feel that alone. If they have a mental breakdown or if they are sad, walking could help them. The advantages of walking are: you can go out to watch the sky or get bad feelings away.

Cristian, 8.c

My experience of walking is good and bad. Good is that when you walk you see many things and you can take your time. Bad thing is that walking in the rain is not enjoyable and you can’t walk if you need to hurry.

Lukas, 8.c

I really enjoy walking. If sometimes in the future I can’t walk, I would rather die. For me walking is really important. I don’t understand why someone would rather live and not be able to walk. The bad thing about not walking or not being able to walk is that you can’t come anywhere so fast. Your butt also starts hurting and you become very uncomfortable. And if you can’t walk, you always need someone to push you in a wheel chair.

Maybe in the future teenagers won’t have to ever walk. But they will be a lot fatter and they won’t even know how to walk.

Janez, 8.c

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