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Communication, class 9A

How do teenagers communicate with schoolmates and friends? How do they communicate with parents and teachers? What is the difference in communication between different groups? What would they improve at their communication?

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Alenka Nikšič

With my parents and friends I talk honestly, but with my school friends I don’t talk very honestly. With teachers I talk politely.


My communication with my friends is way better than with people from my school or my schoolmates. I think it’s because we don’t have much in common that we could talk about except school work. For example, me and my friends could talk for hours and we wouldn’t run out of things to talk about.

I can talk to my parents about anything. I know I can trust my teachers but I would rather talk with my parents.

It is easier to communicate if there are fewer people, so they can hear or listen one another better.


I communicate with my friends in school between breaks. I talk with them online through chats on snapchat, viber, Instagram and other social media. But we communicate through discord, which is an app where you talk with texts, you can go on a call and you talk or you can go on a video call, too. Sometimes we talk on videogames, too.

The difference between talking with friends, family and teachers is that with friends you talk about games, memes and other stupid things. With parents you talk about sports, school, life and other family stuff.

I would like to change my communication with my parents because sometimes I am angry and I yell on them. And that’s not good. I need to change that.


Communication in our class is good. It is relaxed, easy-going and sometimes funny. My best friend often tells me jokes.

With my parents it is different. It is relaxed, honest and respectful. Friends don’t punish you for saying something wrong. When I say some bad words to parents or if I don’t listen to them, they punish me.

The other way of communication is with my teachers. They are sometimes loud and angry, so we must be quiet, respectful and great listeners. They sometimes don’t understand students.

I want to change my communication with teachers, because I don’t talk a lot. I am sometimes very shy.


I have a very good communication with my friends and if I need anything they are for me. Sometimes we are angry with each other but it isn’t important because we are friends. Friends can’t be strangers.

Me and my parents have very, very good communication because they are my parents and I have to respect my mom and dad. If I don’t respect my parents, my parents won’t respect me and this is not good. When I went outside my dad told me that I shouldn’t have friends that have a problem with police and I said ok. Then with my friend that has a problem with police we have become strangers.

Communication with teachers is good and bad. Some teachers are good and friendly, some teachers are bad and get angry for no reason.

I don’t have to change anything at my communication.


Talking and communicating with my friends and classmates is easy. We all have similar problems and enjoy similar things. We can tell each other stuff in secret, knowing our friends wouldn’t tell that to anyone.

However I have harder time talking to grown-ups like teachers and my parents. As much as I try to tell a teacher something, I form my sentence in my head but when I try to say it, it just can’t sound good or I forget a word or something.

With friends we usually talk about stuff we like and understand. But with adults there are a lot of times when I just don’t want to be in conversation at all. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. I was told that I should tell my mom stuff when I get home e.g. how was school. So I can practise my speaking. I have been doing it for quite some time now. However I still have a long way to go with my communication skills.


I communicate very differently with my classmates and friends than with adults and others. I am a lot more relaxed and I feel like I can say whatever is on my mind without being heavily judged or scolded. It is like this with my parents since they turn every mistake into a lesson that I have already learned. It’s easier with kids my age since we relate with each other a lot better than adults.


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