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Learning Languages, 9th class

The pupils from 9th class have been thinking on the topic of the quote: “ The limits of my language are the limits of my world.” They have also written about their experiences with learning foreign languages and compared them to their parents and they have predicted how people will learn languages in the future.

Alenka Nikšič

“The limits of my language are the limits of my world.” That means that if you are from Bosnia and you come to Slovenia to live, you have to change and learn to be comfortable. Example, my mom is Romanian and when she got married she and my dad moved to Slovenia but she didn’t know how to speak or anything. So she spent years and years to know how to speak Slovene and other stuff.

I predict people will learn foreign languages by using media, school or maybe by just listening to the people talking that language. By using social media I meant watching videos, playing games that are for learning languages or games that are just games, reading books. By listening to people how they talk in the language you want to learn, I meant just listening to them and trying to understand at least something. And by school I meant, if you don’t know how to speak English and you want to learn, you have it in school.

Cristian Krstić Dorin

The quote “The limits of my language are the limits of my world.” means that by speaking only one language you are often limited in your life. That’s why we need to learn as many languages as possible. When I was in Florida speaking English, it helped me a lot because I was able to order all kinds of food and when I was in Germany, not speaking German was limiting me to order the burger that I wanted. My experience with learning a new language is very good. It is always hard in the beginning, but once you start to understand basic rules it’s much easier. I think you can learn a lot just by watching a couple of movies or other types of audio-video content that you would like.

I began learning English at school but my father had to learn it when he worked in America when he was young.

I think that people in the future will learn new languages using language teaching robots or they will be learning while sleeping and listening to the specific language. In the near future it is most likely that they will be learning new languages with a book like we do today.

Tomi Petkovšek Zalogar

To me the quote means that how much you can say is the limit of how much you can understand. So you can explore the world if you can communicate with others or read about stuff.

I personally understand English very well but I struggle with writing. I am also learning German and I am doing pretty well. My parents on the other hand don’t understand other languages because they don’t use them.

I think as the time goes on other languages will slowly fade and there will be only a few dominant languages that all people will have to learn in school and will be used in the world.

Nik Golob

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