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A Village or a Town: 7th class

The pupils had to write about countryside and good sides of it and about the town and good sides of it. They also had to write about the place where they live, whether they like it or not and why.

Alenka Nikšič

In the countryside there are a lot of houses. People there are kind. In the countryside there are animals. I like countryside because there’s fresh air. Countryside doesn’t have any tall buildings, but there are farms. You can do a lot of things. You can go pony-trekking, swim in the river and more.

In the city there are a lot of tall buildings. People there are kind, too. There’s traffic. I like it because there’s fast food. There’s also pollution. I like big shops because I like dresses. You can go shopping, eat good food and more.

I live in the countryside. My house is so big and we have animals. I like to feed the animals. I often go cycling or go for a walk. I wish my friend can come to me and play. I think that people like countryside and fresh air.

Lana Jeraj

Nature is good because there are trees and flowers and nature’s smell. There you can go to the woods, by the lake and more. In the nature there are animals like birds, foxes, rabbits and more.

Then in the city there is not really nice but it is good for jobs and jobs are good for money. But there is a lot of traffic and a lot of sounds.

I live in nature. Here is good because it is lovely and nice and here are animals and I love animals.

Patrik Trček

In the country, there are some farms. On the farms there live friendly people with their animals. Every day they feed them. In the country you can go for a walk in the forests. You can see many fields full of corn. At night you can see many stars and open space. You can explore country and near cottages. There is fresh air.

In the city there are many tall buildings, cinemas, shops and other important buildings. In the streets you can see violence. In the cities there is pollution. Plastic and glass are very important problems in towns and cities. There are many people who live there. There is everything near. Some people like this. Police stations are in every town. You can easily find a gas station.

I live in a town. It is big, but not the biggest in Slovenia. I don’t like it. It is too big for me. I like my grandparents’ village more.

Brigita Kočevar

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