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Nature and Shopping, 8th class

The pupils had to write on the topics: how shopping and ecology are connected, how we should shop to be nicer to our environment and how their family shops showing that it cares about the environment.

Alenka Nikšič

In these days we must be careful what we buy. For example: we buy things that will be useful for a long time, not only because they are beautiful. We help environment if we use a shopping list and don’t go shopping hungry. We can swap things that we don’t use or donate them to someone who is in need of them. We can also grow our own food and not buy so much of it.

Our family grows at my grandparents a lot of food like tomato, potato, lettuce, carrots… We even had a cow, but she was old and we killed her. We have now chickens and pigs there. Behind our block of flats there is a small garden. We try to think before buying, if we really need that thing…

If we all do that, I believe that mother nature will be certainly healthier and happier.

Gaja Šušmelj

Shopping and environment are always connected. You have to take care about environment like buying paper bags or having your bags for reusable use. You have to get vegetables from your own garden or buy it from local farmers. You have to buy things that travel less distance to get there.

Our family cares about environment like getting things from our garden and farmers. We only buy eco food. We use our own plastic bags for reusable use. When we eat a jar of pickles or olives, we give that jar to our grandparents to put jam in it. So we make a reusable glass jar. And it’s the same with bottles.

Oskar Radivojević

Shopping and environment are very connected. That’s why we have to be careful and think of the environment while shopping. When we shop for food, it usually comes in plastic packages which we throw away after we eat the food. And sometimes these plastic bags, packages… end in the sea and the sea animals eat them. So if we want to be nicer to the environment, we can only shop when needed, use recyclable bags and always think of the environment first. As the society we should ban plastic bags and packages which would be very hard or almost impossible. We should use paper bags and carton to pack food because we can recycle them.

My family shops once a week and we make a shopping list of what we need, so that we don’t buy food that we don’t need. We always use paper or recyclable bag and we don’t use much plastic packaging in our home.

Ajda Šuker

Shopping can be very bad for our planet. We need to go buying only when we need to go and we only have to buy what we need. It would be super cool If we bought eco food or had our own vegetables home and if we bought organic clothing but most of the people don’t because this costs very much. And if we went to swap shops and trade things not buy them.

Our family buys only when we need and only what we need. We have our own vegetables at home like lettuce, potato… and we don’t need to buy them.

Luka Vindiš

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